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Welcome to Freeware Gamer! (sm) The Freeware Games page brings you the latest Free Games for Microsoft Windows plus Hot Free Games Utilities and Free Games Software!

Whether you are looking for Freeware Spider Solitaire Card Games, Freeware Arcade Games or Freeware Action Games for your kids; or even Freeware Games Software and Utilitites, you've surfed in to the right place - Freeware and Free Games for Windows at FreewareGamer (sm)

To everyone who sends me email about the Free Games listed here..... THANKS! I can't always reply, but I at least get sight of your emails and enjoy the feedback about the free games here. Thanks also to all the other free games pages that link to FreewareGamer (sm). Scroll down the page for an exclusive freeware games button if your own freeware game is listed at FreewareGamer.

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Freeware Games for Windows!

The freeware and free games are listed in categories: use the navigation menu at the left of every page to browse the freeware games. Make sure to check the freeware games utilities software page, too!

The freeware games pages have been online since the nineties. Originating from Sevenoaks in Kent, UK, the freeware games pages specialise in classic and top rated free games for Windows. You will also find freeware games for MAC and other operating systems here, but the main focus of the freeware games pages is for MS Windows freeware. Open source software and freeware games ........ our speciality!

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Free Windows Games Software

LATEST!!!  Free Windows Games Software

Free Windows Game Software

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Free Windows Games Software

LATEST!!!  Free Windows Games Software

Free Windows Game Software

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Free Windows Games Software

LATEST!!!  Free Windows Games Software

Free Windows Game Software

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Free and Freeware Games Software for Windows • Main Page

The Freeware Games page!

We are a no-nonsense straightforward gamer site, listing quality Freeware Games for all Microsoft Windows platforms including Windows XP. All the Freeware Games are hand-reviewed.

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Freeware Games for Windows

Freeware Games for Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows 2000, Windows ME, Windows NT 4.x., and Windows XP. Note: Many of the Freeware Games for Windows 95 and Windows 98 should work with Windows XP. You are advised however to visit the author's Freeware Games' Home Page and check suitability for your Operating System. [Disclaimer] Loads of Freeware GAMES for you!

FreewareGamer Protection

Make sure your computer is protected! Visit the Freeware Games Utilities Page for a list of the Internet's top Free Firewalls, Anti-Adware, and Anti-Spyware Software.

FreewareGamer Download Sites

Note: If you find a Freeware games download site that doesn't work, visit the home page listed for the game.

Freeware Games download sites expire or sometimes don't work just because the Internet is very busy.

None of the FreewareGamer downloads are hosted on the FreewareGamer pages - they are all hosted on external sites. [Disclaimer]

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Submitting Freeware games to Freewaregamer.

If you are a Freeware Windows game developer or just would like to share a great freeware Windows game with others, then email the details of the game to me, and I will try to list it.

Important! You must include as much information about the Freeware Game as possible.

Important! Please add a link to your games pages BEFORE you ask me to list your game.

This is an example of the minimum I need to list the game.

Title of the Freeware Game:

Platform: Which platform will the game run on?

Category: Which category will it fit into best?

Freeware Games Description: Give the official release description of the freeware game, if possible.

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Freeware Game Download Url: What is the direct download URL?

Freeware Game Home Page Url: What is the games homepage?

freeware games downloads spider solitaire  Hot Free Spider Solitaire Games:
LATEST!!!  Pretty Good Solitaire is a collection of 600 solitaire games for Windows 95/98/NT/2000/Me/XP. Play FreeCell, Spider, and many more. Play 600 solitaire games, including the popular FreeCell, absorbing Spider Solitaire, and many, many more! Beautiful card sets, plus create your own games, and play Quests!

Free Windows Games Software

LATEST!!!  Free Windows Games Software

Free Windows Game Software

Freeware Games for Windows

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